Currently, we offer our Polish and international clients the following private label production as well as the following choice of cigarette filter tubes brands:

Cigarette filter tubes


Currently offered in the following box sizes:
40, 100,200, 250, 360, 500, 1000 pcs.

Cigarette filter tubes


Currently offered in the following box sizes:
200, 360, 480 pcs.

Cigarette filter tubes


Currently offered in the following box sizes:
200 spcs.

Cigarette filling machines

Classic injector for filling the tubes with tobacco.

Collective box:100 pcs.

Private label production

We offer our clients production of filter tubes under their own brand names. We will ensure consistency of both the product and its packaging to ensure continuity of the client's brand recognition.

Some of the products features include:

  • TUBES: classic king size; stamp on each tube optional
  • BOX: tubes in boxes of 200, 250, 300, 350, 360, 400, 450, 480, 500 or per client request
  • DISPLAY: packing in 2-6 boxes foiled together optional
  • COLLECTIVE CARTONS: between 9 000 and 10 800 (or per client request); printing on collective cartons optional

We additionally offer support in creating distinctive label and package designs.


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